Equal rights for women is a central theme within the Dutch human rights policy. The Netherlands is active in the area of sexual and reproductive health rights, in fighting violence against women and in countering child marriages. In addition, both in its own country as internationally, the Netherlands has been active in the prevention of and in the fight against human trafficking. In this regard, the Netherlands has intensified its cooperation with Hungary since the amount of Hungarian victims has increased. Moreover, the Netherlands has intensified its efforts against child sex tourism.

The Hungarian Embassy in The Hague disclosed information about the statistical report of the Dutch rapporteur on trafficking in human beings for the period of 2008-2012.

The report states that the Dutch authorities (police, labour inspection) only have overview of the perpetrators in half of the cases, while all the evidences should be examined.

The rapporteur specifically names a bilateral cooperation action plan between the Hungarian and the Dutch police, as a form of cooperation with the countries of origin.

The 430 page-long report mentions a Hungarian network of human traffickers, which forced 20 Hungarian women into prostitution in Belgium and the Netherlands.

On the basis of the report, Hungary is in the third place concerning the number of victims and in the second place concerning the number of perpetrators. It means that 13% of the potential victims and 8% of the perpetrators are Hungarian.