The criminal gang led by a 35-year-old Indian national Vishal Chaudhary lured more than 120 women into the United Kingdom with the promise of a better life by offering them a well-paid job as a nanny or a cleaner.

These women were all forced into prostitution and some of them were raped as well. Several times the victims were forced to have sex with up to 20 men a day.

According to the judge this gang had been working for six years already when they got arrested. They operated about 40 brothels in London city and earned a huge amount of money (hundreds of thousands of pounds). The brothels were advertised online. The Scotland Yard suspects that these actions affected Belgium, Germany and Austria too.

A couple of months ago another criminal group with five members were convicted as well for forcing more than 50 women into prostitution in two years in Great Britain. Four of them were Hungarians with one British woman.