Crime Prevention Foundation of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County published a public newsletter with the title „Trafficking in Human Beings – working abroad – prostitution!” in March 2014.

The newsletter gives examples of the misleading job offers that seem harmless and presents the methods of exploitation:

“Sex free job opportunities abroad!!! Earn as a hostess per day as much as a week in the home country!! We are looking for good-looking girls for HOSTESS jobs in several coastal towns. The work is declared! Italy, Cyprus, Malta are waiting for you. The accommodation is free and you can earn 40-90 euros a day!”

The newsletter also gives important tips concerning working abroad:

Before travelling:

- Be always careful with the job offers! It is always suspicious if the ad offers “easy” or “erotic” jobs, or if you don’t need to speak any foreign languages!

- Even if your friend or relative promised the job, don’t trust them blindly. Think it over!

- Conclude a detailed contract! Get information about the conditions of the job! - Inform your family about your future address and data about the future employer!

- Leave a copy of your passport at home!

- Always have insurance and leave a copy of it at home!

- Always have spare money with you so that you can come home anytime in case of emergency!

- Always have someone you call regularly! Agree on a secret password you use in case you are in trouble and you cannot talk!

During your stay abroad:

- Never give your passport to anyone under any circumstances!

- If somebody insists to keep your passport, it is a sign of a future exploitation!

- If your passport, papers are stolen, do not hesitate and call immediately the police or the national embassy!

- If you are detained, sold, or forced into prostitution, you always have the right for help and protection, even if you commit a crime!

For more information or advice call IOM (International Organisation of Migration). Free hotline: 06 80 205 018 Available on workdays 09.00a.m - 01.00p.m in English, Hungarian and Albanian.