Women were forced into prostitution by a group of five people in Berlin.

The Hungarian Riot Police National Bureau of Investigation is conducting a criminal procedure of well-founded suspicion of procuring against the 34-year-old Iván V. and the 31-year-old Anna L. from Miskolc, the 36-year-old Róbert V. from Sajókaza, the 34-year-old Lajos V. from Csernely, and the 24-year-old Ivett Gy. from Felsődobca.

According to the information available, Iván V., Anna L, Róbert V. and Ivett Gy. organised and lead the transfer of young women from Hungary to Berlin, where they were forced to work as prostitutes. The activity was guided and controlled by Róbert V. and Ivett Gy.

The money that the victims received for the sexual services was captured by the suspects, that covered their luxurious lives in both countries.

Based on legal assistance, in a coordinated action together with the German authorities, members of the Riot Police National Bureau of Investigation caught Róbert V. on 23th September 2013 in Berlin, and Ivett Gy. with Iván V. in Miskolc. All three suspects are under arrest.

During the investigation it was established that Lajos V. took over the leadership of the organisation after the arrest of the three members, and he controlled the prostitution of the victims with the help of Anna L.

On 1th April 2014 Lajos V. and Anna L. were caught by the police in Csernely. They are both under arrest.

During the procedure the investigators forfeited several assets in a value of HUF 37 M. The further procedure is conducted by the Riot Police National Bureau of Investigation.