The members of a Hungarian criminal group were captured in a concerted criminal action in Csongrád County.

A joint operation team was established in April 2015 in order to detect a Hungarian criminal group in France.

Based on the information of the foreign authorities, the members of the crime group solicited women to sexual activities and took them to France where the victims were forced to do prostitution.

The members of the criminal group controlled and supervised the daily work of the victims and took their income. At least 40 young women were involved in the forced prostitution.

On 21 March 2016 the Riot Police National Bureau of Investigation captured 12 men, carried out house searches in more than 20 locations and seized 14 luxury cars, big amount of cash, jewelleries and other properties in a concerted criminal action based on a European arrest warrant.

French prosecutors, police officers and the Attorney General's Office in Csongrád County participated in the joint action.

The accused persons are arrested, the competent court will decide on their extradition later.