Investigators from the National Bureau of Investigation of the Rapid Response Police arrested a man in Nyíregyháza in February, who is suspected of having forced two Hungarian women into prostitution for years. After the arrest of the suspect, police officers continued to investi-gate the case.

The investigation revealed that the accomplices of the man who sexually abused the women were his brother and his mother.
The 54-year-old mother, also a resident of Nyíregyháza, had been organising prostitution for years. She had gained the trust of one of the emotionally unstable girls and was the one who determined where she had to work, then took her earnings daily and used them for her own and her family's daily living. This activity continued even after the arrest of his elder son.
Investigative actions revealed that the mother's younger son was pimping his 25-year-old girl-friend abroad. It is suspected that the 20-year-old man, with the active involvement of his mother, was constantly controlling the girl. He encouraged her to work on the image of a shared future and then took her earnings.   
The two offenders were arrested on 11 June. The mother was caught by the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Police Headquarters in her home in Nyíregyháza, while her son was caught on the M3 motorway by the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Police Headquarters and the NBI.
The younger boy was questioned by the investigating authorities on suspicion of pimping and money laundering and is currently at large. At the same time, his mother is suspected by inves-tigators of multiple counts of human trafficking and forced labour. After her hearing, she was taken into custody and her arrest was ordered by the court.