The Council of Europe’s Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) has published today its first evaluation on Hungary.

In its report, GRETA welcomes the steps taken to prevent and combat trafficking in human beings in Hungary. These measures include the adoption of legislation criminalising human trafficking, two national strategies as well as the setting up of co-ordination structures. However, the report stresses the need to allocate sufficient resources to achieve the goals of the national strategy and ensure full involvement of civil society.

GRETA stresses the need to continue developing prevention through targeted social and economic empowerment measures for groups vulnerable to human trafficking, in particular Roma, as well as through measures to tackle the root causes of human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

GRETA welcomes the setting up of a national referral mechanism to improve the identification of victims of human trafficking and their referral for assistance. But, further efforts are needed for its full application so that all victims, irrespective of sex, origin or type of exploitation, are identified and assisted, in particular victims of internal trafficking and labour exploitation. Moreover, the authorities should step up the identification of victims amongst irregular migrants, asylum seekers and unaccompanied foreign minors.

GRETA expects the authorities to take measures to ensure that victims of trafficking have an effective possibility to obtain compensation from the perpetrators. Further, all victims, irrespective of their immigration status, should have access to state compensation.

The report welcomes the involvement of the Hungarian authorities in international investigations in human trafficking cases but, given the low number of convictions and level of sanctions in Hungary, calls on the authorities to take measures to ensure that human trafficking cases are investigated and prosecuted effectively, leading to proportionate and dissuasive sanctions. Additional measures should also be taken for the adequate protection of victims from potential retaliation or intimidation.

Prior to drawing up its evaluation report, GRETA held consultations with the relevant authorities and non-governmental organisations active in the field of combating trafficking in human beings in Hungary. A confidential first draft of the report was sent to the Hungarian authorities and their comments were taken into account in the final evaluation report adopted by GRETA. On the basis of GRETA’s report, the Committee of the Parties to the Convention will consider adopting recommendations addressed to the Government of Hungary.

Please, find the evaluation report under the following link: