On 6th May 2016 an awareness-raising training on trafficking in human beings was organized in the Ministry of Interior. The event targeted the labour inspectors of the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest, the Government Office for Pest County and the Department of Employment Monitoring of the Ministry of National Economy.

The training aimed to improve the victim identification skills of the labour inspectors through introducing proactive and problem-oriented working methods as well as theoretical and practical knowledge. Experts on behalf of the Hungarian Baptist Aid, the Chance for Families 2005 Foundation, the International Organization for Migration, the Ministry of National Economy and the National Police Headquarters provided presentations and four labour exploitation related cases were analysed in the framework of teamwork. 

According to the feedback of the participants, the identification of potential victims, coercion and exploitation is in many cases challenging. Awareness raising campaigns play important role in prevention, but also job-seekers could be provided information about the prevention of victimization in job centres.