On the occasion of the 9th EU Anti-Trafficking Day awareness-raising training for the airport personnel was held by the Airline Ambassadors International organization (AAI) on 14-15th October 2015 in the Ministry of Interior of Hungary.

In order to ensure the success of combating trafficking in human beings it is necessary to properly control passenger transit through the territory of Hungary - particularly at the international airport. The training aimed to introduce proactive and problem-oriented working methods and helped the airport personnel to recognize and report suspected cases according to the Hungarian protocol.

Trainers of the Airline Ambassadors International who have years of experience as flight attendants introduced the work of AAI, the phenomenon of trafficking, the victim identification process and a real case of a survivor of human trafficking. In the framework of the program a representative of the National Crisis Telephone Information Service presented the work of the Service in the field of fight against human trafficking, prostitution, child abuse and domestic violence. At the end of the training the participants received a certificate from the presenters.