In the topic of the fight against trafficking in human beings, the Ministry of Interior will present itself at the Civil Island of the Sziget Festival between 10-13 August for the fourth time.

Visitors can get to know the phenomenon of human trafficking and its signs of threat, can gather information on the preventive activities that should be taken before applying for a job abroad, and can be informed about the actions of different bodies fighting against trafficking in human beings. Through useful materials and questionnaires the campaign ensures that a greater amount of people will become aware of this problem. In the tent both English and Hungarian test can be filled out with theoretical and practical questions, which is followed by a discussion. The festival provides a great opportunity for the campaign to reach many people from different countries, backgrounds and age groups.

Regarding the age group, those between 18-50 years old and high school students are high priority, since they are the most likely to seek employment abroad. To preserve the safety of family and locals prevention is the most important factor in the fight against human trafficking.