Szabolcs county investigators questioned a couple from Gávavencsellő on suspicion of trafficking in human beings and forced labor.

Due to her disappearance, the Police searched for a juvenile girl living in a child protection institution who was found in a house in Gávavencselló with an injury on her face on August 31, 2021. When interviewed, the girl stated that she was a victim of abuse, therefore criminal proceedings were instituted in the case.

According to the investigation, a family from Gávavencsellő hosted the fleeing young girl, who was later persuaded to travel to Austria with them and an acquaintance who worked as a prostitute in a bar there. The 21-year-old man and the 25-year-old woman wanted to force the 15-year-old girl to engage in prostitution at a bar in Austria for financial gain. Their plan failed, the girl disobeyed, and the foreign bar operator did not consent to her employment after her age was revealed.

They returned home to Gávavencsellő, and it was then that the abuse took place. The man hit the girl in several places and pressed a burning cigarette into her hands and tongue. The man from Gávavencsellő and his partner were apprehended on November 10, 2021 by detectives in Szabolcs county.

The couple was questioned on the basis of a well-founded suspicion of trafficking in human beings and forced labor against a person under the age of 18, harassing the victim, forcing her to engage in work-type activities, providing other services, or committing an illegal act by force or threat. The man has been taken into custody and a motion has been made to arrest him, and the woman can defend herself on bail.

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