To prevent victimization, crime prevention experts of the police advise potential victims to keep the following warnings in mind when considering pursuing to work in abroad:

  • Do not believe in too tempting and vague job offers! Consider reliable and verifiable work offers only!
  • Before you accept a job offer abroad, get information about the employer and the expected working conditions in advance!
  • Do not (ever!) take a job abroad without knowledge of the local language/foreign language knowledge!
  • Be suspicious if you are promised an easy job or approached for erotic work in a foreign job ad, and there is no expectation of language knowledge or expertise!
  • Always have the telephone numbers of the Hungarian embassies, consulates and the police with you, as well as the contact information of help organizations who you can turn to, when in trouble!
  • Leave a copy of your passport, identity card, and a not too old photo of yourself at home with your relatives!
  • Always keep your personal documents with you! If you involve another person in the handling of your official affairs, do not hand your documents over to him/her, you must be personally present in the administration procedure!
  • Always keep the amount of money on which you can travel home in case of necessity, and never allow anyone to get and keep you financially dependent on him/her or hold you in a vulnerable situation!