Members of a family in Nyíregyháza persuaded vulnerable women to engage in prostitution in order to finance their own livelihoods. The involved family members were arrested.

Investigators of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Police Headquarters, with the assistance of the Counter Terrorism Centre, , they arrested the members of the R family involved in the case on December 7, 2022, R. L., 26, resident of Nagykálló, and R. G., 28, R. B., 22, and Ms R. G., 43, residents of Nyíregyháza. The police have been investigating because of reasonable suspicion of human trafficking and forced labour.

According to the data of the investigation, the four suspects, who are related to each other, recruited women typically in vulnerable situations, for prostitution activities from 2018 onwards, knowing about each other's activities. The women were employed as prostitutes in Budapest, Debrecen, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. The R family organised the transport of the girls or took them themselves to their rented residences where they performed the sexual activities. The money they earned was partly, and in some cases entirely taken from them and used to finance their own livelihoods and to buy jewellery, clothes, high-value cars and property. The suspects offered sexual services on internet sites through advertisements they edited, the cost of which was also financed by the money earned by the women. The police confiscated millions of forints worth of cars and jewellery from the suspects, which they bought with the proceeds of their criminal activities.  

The investigators from Szabolcs interrogated the suspects on suspicion of committing the crimes of trafficking in human beings and forced labour for the purpose of sexual activity, detained them and submitted a motion for their arrest.

The news can be viewed on the website of the National Police Headquarters together with video footage: