The brother and father of the 25-year-old man from Abony were arrested in May 2020; now it was his turn for forcing his partner into prostitution.

The Anti-Trafficking Unit of the Intelligence Unit of the National Bureau of Investigation is conducting criminal proceedings against three men for violating a person’s personal liberty, committing trafficking in human beings by the means of violence and threats, as well as other crimes.

During the criminal proceedings, the investigators identified Árpád F., a 25-year-old resident of Abony, who, according to the available data, can be reasonably suspected of taking an active part in the exploitation of the victim forced into prostitution by his father, Mihály F. and his brother, Sándor F.

Árpád F. can also be reasonably suspected that in 2018, by pretending to have a love affair, persuaded a woman to engage in prostitution and to support him from the proceeds. The victim initially engaged in prostitution around Abony, but was later persuaded by the suspect to pursue the activities abroad – in Germany and Switzerland.

The woman complied with this and much of her income had to be sent to the suspect through money transfer service providers. After a while, the victim tried to quit prostitution, but the perpetrator prevented this by threats of abuse and violating her personal liberty; she only returned to Hungary due to the pandemic situation.

The suspect then locked her in his house and kept her under close surveillance. She was assaulted several times and forced to register on a sex partner website and continue her prostitution. The perpetrator continued to take her income, spending it on himself and his family. According to the available data, the victim transferred money to the suspect from abroad several times, totaling nearly 3 million Forints.

In view of the above, the staff of the Anti-Trafficking Department of the National Bureau of Investigation together with other units of the Riot Police arrested Árpád F. in the early morning hours on April 20, 2021.

The perpetrator is charged with trafficking in human beings, which is punishable by a term of imprisonment of five to ten years.

Source (in Hungarian): National Police Headquarters