Hungarian authorities also participated in the week-long operation coordinated by Europol, Frontex and Interpol; 1 426 people were identified as victims of trafficking, opening 244 new investigations.

The main difference from the usual Joint Action Days (JAD) in the EU is the involvement of the authorities of 19 non-EU countries, thus effectively linking police activities in the countries of origin and destination. Around 130,000 officials from 44 countries took part, carrying out checks at no less than 25,400 sites between 8 and 15 May 2023 with a view to detecting sexual exploitation, forced begging and forced criminality. The checks resulted in the detention of 212 suspects.

The operation in Hungary was led by the National Bureau of Investigation, while the criminal and public order branch of service of the county police headquarters also played an active role by preparing own action plan and organizing the participation of partner organizations (labour and immigration authority, NGOs) in their areas of jurisdiction.

In our country, criminal proceedings were commenced against a total of 14 offenders, 3 of whom are suspected of forced labour, 6 of whom are suspected of trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation, while 5 others can be prosecuted for the felony of facilitating prostitution at a minimum for operating an illegal brothel.

11 out of the 19 identified Hungarian victims were exploited in prostitution (all women, including one minor), while 8 victims were subject to labour exploitation (4-4 men and women).

The list of countries participating in the „Operation Global Chain” can be found in the related press release Europol: