State secretary for internal security of the Ministry of Interior Károly Papp held a video conference on 10 November with experts from the US State Department. The meeting provided an opportunity to present the measures taken by Hungary this year in the field of anti-human trafficking and exchange information.

Each year, the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (TIP Office) of the United States publishes an evaluation report ranking all countries around the globe based on their achievements in the fight against human trafficking. In connection with this, an American delegation pays a visit to our country every autumn in order to meet the relevant government agencies.

In the first part of the discussion the state secretary and deputy state secretary for EU and international affairs Mátyás Hegyaljai (national coordinator for anti-human trafficking) presented the legislative amendments effective from 1 July 2020 and the new national strategy against trafficking in human beings which were both adopted in line with the recommendations of the TIP Office. Considering that prevention activities of the state in this field cannot be singled out from the broader context of social inclusion, Miklós Vecsei, prime-ministerial commissioner for the coordination of the drafting and implementation of the diagnosis-based national strategy for Roma integration then gave a presentation on the government program launched in the most disadvantaged Hungarian settlements.

In the follow-up, Ambassador-at-Large John Cotton Richmond, the head of the TIP Office in Washington addressed specific questions to the Hungarian side, which were answered by representatives of the relevant bodies.

At the end of the meeting, Mr Károly Papp emphasized that the Hungarian government is committed to improving the situation of vulnerable social groups and maintaining the effectiveness of law enforcement and justice even in the aggravated circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic. In relation to this, he expressed his hopes that the established excellent working relationship between the two countries in the fight against human trafficking is sustained and the US State Department will appreciate Hungary’s efforts in the TIP Report of 2021 again.