The 29-year-old man forced vulnerable women into prostitution.

The exploitation took place in a small town named Voorthuizen in the central part of the Netherlands during 2020. A Hungarian victim managed to ask her mother for help through Facebook Messenger, who then turned to the Hungarian Consulate in The Hague. Thanks to the excellent working relationship between the embassy and the Dutch police in human trafficking cases, the local authorities were on the scene within a few hours after the report. 

Once the surveillance and information gathering was completed, the police raided the apartment the same night; in addition to the detention of several perpetrators, a total of three victims were rescued. At that time, according to the police, another van was already on its way from Hungary, with new victims on board. 

In February 2022, the Provincial Court sentenced the Hungarian criminal to 6 years in prison for trafficking in human beings.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade