The Chief Prosecution Office of Fejér County has charged a man with multiple counts of human trafficking and forced labour. The perpetrator forced six victims to work, partly by deception, partly by taking advantage of their vulnerable situation, and took their income.

From 2018 onwards, the accused forced six homeless victims, or victims in a vulnerable living situation due to their health and financial situation, to move into a property in Sárkeresztes, which he had previously arbitrarily taken possession and later rented. The man made them carry out work around the house and work on constructions.

The property where the victims were accommodated did not provide adequate living conditions and was not supplied with running water, electricity or gas. In the winter, the plastic hose froze and the water from the garden well could not be supplied to the house.

The victims' pensions and wages were obtained by the accused, he did not give them any of them, nor did he pay them for the work they did. The man obtained income of around HUF 9 million from the victims by taking their pensions and wages.

In its indictment, the prosecutor's office proposed that the man be sentenced to imprisonment, banned from public office, deprived of property and his arrest be maintained.

The case and its backround are available on the website of the Office of the Prosecutor General: