Organised under the umbrella of a platform for cooperation between EU Member States, the action aimed to identify and eradicate all forms of sexual and labour exploitation.

operation between 20-27 April 2024.

The one-week EMPACT operation was coordinated by the National Investigation Bureau of the Police (NIB), the Department of International Crime and the Department of Anti-Trafficking in Human Beings of the Police Headquarters of the county (capital) police forces, the NIB, law enforcement personnel of the Riot Police, the regional directorates of the National Directorate General for Aliens  and the employment, employment supervision and labour protection departments of the county government offices.

 The results of the EMPACT action in our country are as follows:
- more than 800 police officers participated in the action;
- More than 3900 persons, 1500 vehicles, 686 locations and 4200 documents were checked;
- 8 persons - 1 Romanian and 7 Hungarian citizens - were questioned as suspects for the crimes of trafficking in human beings and forced labour. Of these, 7 were suspected of forced labour and 1 of trafficking for sexual exploitation.
- In total, the police identified 10 victims - 2 Romanians and 8 Hungarians - of whom 3 women were victims of sexual exploitation and 7 men of forced labour.
The Hungarian Police will continue to participate in the fight against trafficking and forced labour at international level.

More information on the operation can be found on the Police website and in the Europol press release.