The traffickers brought their victims to Salzburg, Austria and forced them into prostitution.

The so-called „loverboy” method means that the criminals make young girls emotionally dependant by pretending to be in love, then gradually isolate them from their social contacts, and induce them to perform sexual acts on the pretext of temporary financial problems or the establishment of a common future. By this time, the victims are trapped. After the sweet talk and attentiveness in the beginning, they face threats and physical violence in case of any disobedience. The perpetrators take most or all of the income of the sex work, and spend it for their own livelihood.

In this criminal case, the exploitation took place in Salzburg, where two Hungarian men forced at least 4 women into prostitution. The victim who defied and wanted to escape from her subjugated position was physically abused and locked in an apartment. The Riot Police National Bureau of Investigation has ordered an investigation in connection with the criminal proceedings offered to Hungary by the Prosecutor's Office of Salzburg on suspicion of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of exploitation committed regularly for generating income by means of violence, threats and violation of personal freedom. According to the available data, the offenders obtained millions of forints from the exploitation. 

The traffickers were detained in two police raids on 4 May 2021 in the town of Kisújszállás and in a motel in Szigetszentmiklós. Capture videos are available in the press release of the Hungarian Police below.  

Source (in Hungarian): National Police Headquarters