The defendants forced women into prostitution in Germany while their family members exploited people hired to work around the house in Hungary.

The Pest County Chief Prosecutor’s Office indicted 16 people who, according to the charges, regularly employed women as prostitutes, taking advantage of the vulnerable position of the victims.

According to the indictment, the extensive network, which operated from 2013 to early 2019, was run by two women, the other members being either relatives or acquaintances. The organization regularly recruited women in various ways – either with false promises or with threats – who were then taken to Germany. The women, who most of the time had no knowledge of the place or the language were then engaged in prostitution in properties rented by the organization. Most of the amount paid by customers for the services went to the exploiters; the women were given either only a negligible part or nothing of it.

There were also examples of women being sold and purchased among the members of the group as simple valuables. Psychologically burnt-out victims who no longer satisfied the needs of the traffickers were simply repatriated and left at their families.

The leaders of the network also employed women who voluntarily engaged in prostitution.

Through their activities, members of the organization earned nearly six hundred million forints.

The families of the perpetrators also recruited people to work around the house, who were then exploited, often taking their other income.

The Pest County Chief Prosecutor’s Office charged the perpetrators with several counts of aggravated trafficking in human beings, forced labor, and aggravated 

Source (in Hungarian): The Prosecution Service of Hungary