The Family-Friendly Hungary Centre and the National Crisis Management and Information Telephone Service organised a professional day on 4 October 2023. Experts gave presentations on domestic violence, abuse, forms of exploitation, how to recognise them, and the possible ways to rehabilitate victims.

The forensic psychologist presented the challenges of working with victims. He explained that their task is to assess the mental state of the victims and whether there is a causal link between the mental state and the alleged offence. The main principle of the analysis - and this is the principle of all work with victims - is that a sexual trauma should never be underestimated.

The probation officer reported that the number of offenders sentenced to suspended imprisonment and probation is high for both sexual coercion and domestic violence, but the most significant increase in recent years is the crime of child pornography, with over three hundred offenders currently under probation in Pest County.

The representative of the child protection sector stressed that no single organisation can solve the problems of those affected by abuse and violence on its own, and cooperation is needed to be effective. The members of the signalling system have a very important role, the expert stressed, because they are the first to detect a problem in a family or with a minor. She added that it is the duty of the signalling system members to report that even if there is suspicion, it is not his/her task to prove that abuse or violence has happened. Reporting suspicion can save families and children from further trauma.

According to a psychotherapist who treats victims, the biggest trauma a child can suffer is the lack of love. Emotional deprivation can lead to becoming both a victim and an offender.

In conclusion, the participants and organisers of the conference expressed their agreement to continue professional exchanges and cooperation.