The Hungarian Police continue to draw young people's attention to the dangers of sexual exploitation through drama pedagogy.

In the course of 2019, the theatre play was already shown 8 times, followed by 6 performances this year: first in the town of Tatabánya, Szolnok and Balassagyarmat at the beginning of the year, then in September – after a reschedule due to the coronavirus pandemic –  three other occasions in Kecskemét, Szeged and Békéscsaba. 

The script for the play was developed by the Anonymous Ways Foundation. In the first scenes, the protagonists (Kitty and Sunny, by name) are on their way from Nyíregyháza to Budapest by train. Sunny has just escaped from the children’s home and they’re planning to move on to the Netherlands. Along the way, they’re telling stories each other, gradually blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Their story reveals the dilemmas and vulnerabilities of youngsters growing up in child protection institutions, and the dangerous opportunities of making money easily. 

The program aims to prevent victimization, raise awareness among young people at high risk of trafficking, and familiarize with the methods of meaningful assistance. All the performances of this year were attended by a large number of young people from child protection institutions and the professionals dealing with them. After the showing, students usually take part in a drama pedagogy session, which provides an opportunity to discuss what they have seen, and learn more about the issue, while their educators participate in roundtable discussion. 

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