The publication specifically addresses the phenomenon of human trafficking.

Issue 2 of 2022 provides a comprehensive overview of the state of play in the fight against human trafficking through articles by researchers, police officers, judges, prosecutors, experts and academics with outstanding expertise in the field.
The Ministry of Interior has made it a priority to explore the phenomenon of human trafficking as much as possible and to pay attention to and apply the results of academic researches on trafficking in human beings in its anti-trafficking work. In order to combat trafficking in human beings more effectively and, in particular, to develop appropriate responses, a thorough, broad and timely knowledge of the phenomenon and, in particular, of all actors (victims, traffickers and users) and their modus operandi in trafficking networks is necessary. Accordingly, the National Strategy Against Trafficking in Human Beings for 2020-2023 sets the objective to promote research on trafficking in human beings and to increase the visibility of the topic in scientific journals.
The articles are available in Hungarian on the Belügyi Szemle website.