In the framework of the implementation of the “Common Ground” project Pest County Police Headquarters and the Government Office for Pest County concluded a long-term cooperation agreement on 25 January 2016. The cooperation agreement aims to promote on the one hand the effective, joint implementation and monitoring of the child- and victim protection measures, on the other hand contributes to the unification of the practical work and ensures appropriate conditions for the targeted cooperation. The consistent implementation of the planned measures will facilitate the early detection of threatened children, the prevention of their victimisation and will grant effective victim assistance.

On 23 February 2016 the Crime Prevention Department of Pest County Police Headquarters in cooperation with the Government Office for Pest County organized a training which focused on the identification of human trafficking victims. The target group of the event consisted of colleagues of the police offices, child welfare services, and orphanages. The trainers – victim assistants, psychologist, and an investigator – meet and help the victims in different stages of their trauma therefore they provided a comprehensive picture for the participants who get into contact with the victims very often.

Source: Pest County Police Headquarters