After Ferenc R., his brother Peter R. was also placed in criminal custody on suspicion of trafficking in human beings and promoting prostitution. Evidence shows that since 2014 the brothers from Ilk had been running their illegal sex business in Vienna, where they recruited vulnerable Hungarian women living in poor financial conditions for prostitution.

The brothers transported the girls from Hungary to Vienna, where they had to work in brothels run by them, paying them a 50% share of their earnings as a kickback for “providing the background” for the activity. There were occasions when their full earnings were taken from them. None of the perpetrators had a registered job and both supported themselves from money collected from the victims. They earned thousands of euros each from the victims. On several occasions they beat the girls if they did not work according to the rules they had set. The National Bureau of Investigation has identified more than a dozen victims in the case.

Ferenc R. and Péter R. are suspected of committing the crime of trafficking in human beings by coercing, forcing or threatening to commit a sexual act, using the victim's vulnerable position, and the crime of promoting prostitution by running a brothel.
The Anti-Trafficking Unit of the National Bureau of Investigation has been working closely with the Austrian authorities to trace Peter R.

Videos and photos of the raids are available on the Police website: