A Hungarian duo running brothels in Munich and Kecskemét have been arrested. The National Bureau of Investigation thanks to international criminal cooperation with the German authorities apprehended the two men.

The National Bureau of Investigation's (NNI) Counter Trafficking Unit is investigating 57-year-old István József B. from Nagykanizsa and 34-year-old Szabolcs Endre B. from Kecskemét for the crimes of trafficking in human beings and forced labour, facilitation of prostitution and other crimes.

According to the investigation, István B. had been running a brothel in Munich for at least ten years, recruiting women, mainly of Hungarian nationality, through online advertisements. An average of 6-8 women were simultaneously engaged in prostitution activities at the brothel, demanding half of their daily income or a predetermined daily amount from the victims. The girls were known to the German authorities.

In the second half of 2021, when the brothel in Munich had to be temporarily closed due to the restrictive measures imposed by the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, he rented an apartment in Kecskemét for the same purpose. The prostitutes paid the suspect 10,000 HUF per day. An average of 2-3 women worked in the brothel at the same time, receiving their clients in separate rooms of the apartment. Szabolcs Endre B., a resident of Kecskemét, assisted in his activities in Munich and Kecskemét. From the end of 2021, Szabolcs Endre B. also rented another apartment in Kecskemét, which he advertised and rented out to prostitutes for 10,000 HUF/person per day for prostitution activities, similar to István B.

On the basis of data from the bilateral cooperation with the German counterpart authority, and also raised suspicions of human trafficking, and the incriminating evidence obtained István József B. had been taken into custody at his temporary residence in Budapest in the early morning of 16 January 2023. The police searched the apartment he was using and seized more than 7,000 euros and more than 100,000 forints, a high-value car, jewellery and valuable clothing.

Szabolcs Endre B. was apprehended near his residence in Kecskemét in the morning hours of the same day. During the search, the investigators found suspected drugs (presumably ecstasy, crystal, speed) and a digital scale in the suspect's car. The amount of suspected drugs found also led to suspicion of drug trafficking.

During a search of two properties in Kecskemét, which were used as brothels, investigators concluded that the apartments were used for prostitution. The two women staying there were questioned as witnesses.

On the day of the arrest of the two suspects, the anti-trafficking unit of the Munich police station, together with local tax investigators, carried out proceeding at the Munich brothel run by István József B., in accordance with a preliminary agreement with the THB Unit of the National Bureau of Investigation.

Following their arrest, the staff of the THB Unit questioned István József B. and Szabolcs Endre B. as suspects and initiated the motion for their arrest, which was ordered for 30 days by the District Court of Kecskemét on 18 January 2023. Further suspects are expected in the case in the near future.

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