Three men from Gyöngyös earned nearly 2 million HUF on a mentally disabled, underage girl, who was forced into prostitution.

Among others, the District Prosecutor's Office of Gyöngyös indicted for the crime of Pandering and Violation of Personal Freedom against 3 men – a father and two of his sons.The men accommodated young girls in their family house in Gyöngyös, forced them into prostitution and took away their earned money. In autumn 2012 the accused persons forced a mentally disabled girl to move to their house and to be a prostitute.

In 2013 and 2014 the three accused men made other young women to live with them in Gyöngyös. One of the victims earned 600 000 HUF between spring and November 2014 which covered the living of all of the accused men. Anytime she tried to escape she was beaten. The third victim was a prostitute voluntarily but the first time she earned less money than usually one of the accused assaulted her. All the money she earned (960 000 HUF) was taken by the accused persons.

(Source: Prosecutor’s Office of Heves County)