The investigators of Pest County ended the proceeding with the suggestion of accusation.

Pest County Police Headquarters investigated serious suspicions of Exploitation of Child Prostitution, Pandering, Violation of Personal Freedom, Battery, Sexual Violence, Living on Earnings of Prostitution against András F., inhabitant of Budapest and his 7 partners.

According to the available details, in the summer of 2010 an underage girl has been sold to a man from Ráckeve by her dad. The victim didn’t feel good herself there, so she escaped home. After a couple of days, the dad sold her to the 47 years old suspect. From then András F. has forced the child into prostitution.

During the procedure of the investigation it turned out, that András F. bought girls from more people the same way and they were forced into prostitution near Budapest and Ócsa. According to the above-mentioned information, 3 persons have been interrogated as suspects.

András F. and one of his underage partners took the money regularly from the victims and they spent it for their own living. Therefore they are responsible for perpetration of the crime Living on Earnings of Prostitution.

There was an underage girl who was drugged and physically abused and one of the girls escaped with the help of another procurer after a couple of months, but she has still been forced into prostitution and she has been beaten several times. The girl could escape again with the help of one of her clients.

One of the underage suspects forced an underage girl into prostitution in Pest County between June 2013 and June 2014. The suspect took the earned money from the victim regularly.

The investigators of Pest County arrested András F. on the 9th of October 2014, and he was interrogated. The policemen detained him into criminal arrest. The competent court put András F. into pre-trial detention on 12th October 2014.

The criminal investigation in this case has ended these days.