Two girls coming from the poor eastern part of Hungary were lured to the city of Győr, then forced into prostitution. The Győr-Moson-Sopron County Chief Prosecutor’s Office has filed charges of qualified felony of trafficking in beings against a man who already knew the victims and invited them to Western Hungary, while a local couple who bought them dirt cheap will face charges of trafficking in human beings and procuring for prostitution.

Housework at “a lovely woman’s place” - in this faith arrived the victims in Győr in spring 2018. They were previously in state care, and one of them was still a minor at the beginning of the hardship. So far their acquaintance has already made a deal with a local woman and her partner, who have paid a total of 400,000 HUF (approx. 1,200 EUR) for them.

They then took erotic photos of the girls and posted advertisements on sex partner sites. The victims were detained in a locked flat, where they had to provide regular sexual services. The defendants took their income down to the last penny and, as another means of coercion, they threatened to sell them in Budapest, where they would find themselves in even harsher conditions.

The two victims managed to run away, leaving everything behind, when the key was left by accident in the locked door of the apartment upon arrival of a new prostitute. The three defendants may face imprisonment not less than 20 years. 

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