806 million HUF tender for fighting against trafficking in human beings

Publicated on: January 19, 2023

The Prime Minister's Office, as the National Coordination Unit, and the Swiss Contribution Office signed the Agreement on Technical Support on December 21, 2022 which also provides significant funding to fight trafficking in human beings.

The resource contributes to covering the costs of the organizations supporting the implementation, but what is even more important: it can also be used for management costs related to the preparation of the programmes and projects to be implemented defined in the Framework Agreement, thus facilitating the planning of the developments.

As a result of the work done so far together with the Swiss side, Hungary can be the first of the 13 beneficiary countries to benefit from the Swiss Contribution to start the preparation of the funded support, so in this period it will be possible to use almost 150 million HUF for the first half of 2023, and the use of more than 500 million HUF in support available until the end of the cooperation programme - until December 2029 - can also begin. In addition, the Hungarian state also contributes to all these resources in the form of national co-financing, guaranteeing safe and effective implementation.

Thanks to Swiss support and national co-funding, around 806 million HUF will be available for the anti-trafficking areas designated by the Ministry of the Interior in agreement with the Swiss side. The programme will focus on activities to help victims of trafficking to reintegrate into society and to prevent (re)victimisation.

After the preparation phase, which is expected to end in the first half of 2023, the calls for proposals can be published in the second half of the year and the implementation can begin.

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