A Hungarian family exploited girls in Germany

Publicated on: August 29, 2023

Criminal proceedings have been underway against five members of a family in Heves County for human trafficking and forced labour. All of them were arrested.

Investigators of the National Bureau of Investigation's International Crime Department in Miskolc launched an investigation against unknown perpetrators in 2021, after suspicions arose that Hungarian women had been forced into prostitution in Germany since 2016.

The group is suspected to have been led by János L., currently 57 years old. His two twin sons, the now 31-year-old János L. Jr., and Konrád L., transported the women to Germany for sexual services. Alexandra K. was in charge of arranging the girls for the clients.

The vulnerable women provided sexual services to 10 to 12 clients per day, usually receiving between €100 and €150 from the clients. At the end of the day, they had to hand over their earnings to Alexandra K., who passed them on to János L. The pimps provided an apartment in Löwenstein for the women, who were kept under their supervision throughout the day and given money only for their daily subsistence.

When one of the young women became pregnant, they tried to persuade her to terminate her pregnancy by suggesting various practices. They found the price of an abortion expensive.

After identifying the group of perpetrators, detectives from the Miskolc Police Department of the National Investigation Office of the Rapid Response Police contacted the Heilbronn Police Station, as some of the perpetrators were in Germany. The Hungarian and German police have organised a joint operation for 16 August 2023.

Alexandra K., János L. Jr., Richárd F. were captured in Hungary. In Wiernsheim, the detectives of Heilbronn arrested Konrad L., while his father, János L., managed to escape from the authorities. After the arrest warrant was issued and his location identified, he was arrested in Budapest.

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