Caught red-handed – a man is suspected of pandering and trafficking in human beings

Publicated on: May 17, 2019

Nógrád County police launched proceedings against a 43-year-old man.
Information published by the Nógrád County Police Headquarters

The Criminal Department of the Nógrád County Police Headquarters is carrying out an investigation on the basis of a well-founded suspicion on pandering on the one hand, conducted through offering or soliciting a person under the age of eighteen years for prostitution –, and on trafficking in human beings for the purpose of exploitation, on the other – conducted in a way when the victim is in the care, custody or supervision of or receives medical treatment from, the perpetrator –, against János B., a resident of the municipality of Rimóc.

According to data currently available, in December 2018, the suspect offered a juvenile and a minor girl for providing sexual services, to several persons, in exchange for financial remuneration. The girls are daughters of his current partner and were born in her previous relationship and were under his supervision earlier.

Investigators of Nógrád county apprehended and captured János B. at the moment when he was offering a juvenile victim to one of his acquaintances for sale in a parking lot of a store located in the town of Pásztó on 29 April 2019. Police captured, interrogated and arrested the suspect.

The investigating judge involved in the case ordered – in line with the prosecutor's motion, and as it was proposed by the investigating authority – the detention of the suspect.



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