Conference on the human trafficking situation of the refugees from Ukraine

Publicated on: October 26, 2023

"Ukrainian Refugees in the Light of Human Trafficking" was the title of a conference organized by the Chance for Families 2005 Foundation on 25 October 2023 in the Marble Hall of the Ministry of Interior, co-organized by the Ministry of Interior and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Among other things, the conference aimed to present research on the risks of human trafficking among refugees from Ukraine.

The conference brought together representatives of law enforcement authorities, governmental, international and non-governmental organisations involved in the fight against trafficking in human beings, as well as representatives of victim support organisations, to listen five presentations on the topic in different contexts. Firstly, dr. Nóra Jakubovich, Head of Unit for Counter Trafficking and Horizontal Issues of the Ministry of Interior, presented the international expectations and domestic experiences in the fight against trafficking in human beings in relation to the Ukrainian situation.

Helena Behr from UNHCR, gave an overview of the risk factors related to the situation of Ukrainian refugees and the main social characteristics of Ukrainian refugees in Hungary. She also spoke about UNHCR's prevention and awareness-raising activities.

Katalin Kopf, the Head of Chance for Families 2005 Foundation, presented their UNHCR-funded research, which started in spring 2023 and will run until the end of the year. She said they had interviewed a total of 701 Ukrainian asylum seekers during the period. According to the data so far, half of the respondents have found work and are working in Hungary, while the difficulties they have experienced are generally related to livelihoods and children's education. Katalin Kopf said that the interviews, which are conducted with the participation of a Ukrainian interpreter, a psychologist, a sociologist and a social worker, pays particular attention to signs of victimisation.

Zoltán Sipos from the Hungarian Interchuch Aid (HIA Hungary) presented the complex services provided to refugees in Ukraine, the capacities and further goals of the HIA Hungary. He said that in addition to services supporting the everyday needs, the refugee families also need the continued provision of cultural programmes and events.

Máté Pavlovits of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) gave a presentation on the ongoing project to promote the integration of refugees from Ukraine, which includes the employment of Ukrainian-speaking psychologists, Hungarian language classes and job counselling for asylum seekers.

The event was organised in the context of the EU Anti-Trafficking Day (18 October), please find more information about here:


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