Criminal organisation busted in Pápa

Publicated on: December 21, 2022

A family in Pápa obtained income by recruiting people in vulnerable situations to do various physical works. The perpetrators are suspected of human trafficking and forced labour.

The Veszprém County Police Headquarters is conducting an investigation on suspicion of human trafficking and forced labour on the basis of a complaint by the National Protection Service. The investigators have established that the members of a family - the 63-year-old grandfather, the 41-year-old daughter and her 37-year-old husband and the 19-year-old grandson - have made a living for several years by exploiting marginalised people and forcing them to work. During the recruitment process, the suspects promised the people in need a salary, accommodation and three meals a day, but later failed to deliver almost all of these. The people employed were not paid and were housed in inhumane conditions.

The people exploited in this way were restricted in their personal freedom and were not allowed to leave their residence provided by the suspects without permission.

On 20 December 2022, at the request of the investigators of the Veszprém County Police Headquarters, the staff of the Counter-Terrorism Centre arrested the family members in a coordinated operation. They are being prosecuted on suspicion of human trafficking and forced labour. Investigation is currently being carried out.

The news can be viewed on the website of the National Police Headquarters with video footage:


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