Information on EU AMIF Work programme – topic 5 includes support to victims of trafficking in human beings. Preliminary notice on upcoming call for proposals

Publicated on: May 24, 2019

The European Commission Office of the EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator has informed Member States that topic 5 of the Work programme for 2019 for Union actions in the framework of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund includes support to victims of trafficking in human beings.

Providing better access to and realising the rights of the victims of trafficking in human beings is a priority under the 2017 Communication reporting on the follow-up to the EU Strategy towards the eradication of trafficking in human beings and identifying further concrete actions. Based on the Communication, and on findings of reports such as the Frontex Risk Analysis 2018 and the second report on the progress made in the fight against trafficking of human beings, this topic aims at strengthening relevant stakeholders in the context of the implementation of the EU Anti-trafficking Directive with respect, in particular, to provisions on assistance and support for victims of trafficking in human beings.

Supported transnational projects will contribute to the implementation of the 2017 Communication by supporting anti-trafficking objectives and priorities for third country national victims of trafficking. Supported projects must ensure that they take into consideration the gender-specific nature of this phenomenon as well as the high risk groups and sectors it affects. This includes initiatives aiming at: early identification; provision of assistance and protection, considering the specific needs of the victims and appropriate for their age, gender, and the specific consequences of the form of exploitation they have been subjected to; integration, safe and sustainable voluntary return; durable solutions for child victims; prevention of re-trafficking.

Publication of the call for proposals is envisaged to take place in the near future.
Here is the link for more information on the upcoming project application opportunity:


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