Joint European action against labour exploitation

Publicated on: June 21, 2021

Joint action days organized by Europol resulted in 8 suspects and 15 newly identified victims in Hungary.

The so-called JAD is an effictive tool of police cooperation in the EU in order to carry out detentions, interrogations, searches and seizures of assets at the same time in all countries concerned, with round-the-clock support of the Europol’s coordination centre. At the beginning of June, there were 7 consecutive days of action against labour exploitation, involving 22 Member States, two other EU agencies working in the field of justice and home affairs (Eurojust, Frontex), Interpol, as well as the United Kingdom and Switzerland.
At national level, the county police headquarters, the Riot Police, the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing, the labour and occupational safety departments of the county government offices, as well as several non-governmental organizations actively participated in the operations led by the Counter-Trafficking Unit of the National Bureau of Investigation.

In Hungary alone, 4531 persons, 1534 vehicles, 785 locations (e.g. businesses, farms in the countryside, private dwellings, service sector premises) and 3509 documents were inspected. 8 suspects were taken into police custody with the commencement of two new criminal proceedings; mobile phones, IT devices, cash, pawn tickets and a vehicle were also seized by the authorities. At the same time, 15 persons were identified as victims of trafficking in human beings.
The action was also effective at European level: 73 suspected perpetrators have been apprehended and no less than 630 victims have been identified.

Source (in Hungarian):
National Police Headquarters

Europol’s related press release:


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