Labor Trafficker Detained in Fejér County

Publicated on: July 2, 2021

A 44-year-old man from Sárosd, suspected of committing the crime of human trafficking and forced labor, was apprehended at his residence.

A man filed a complaint with the police in December 2020 about the events two months prior when he was approached by a person unknown to him on the Veszprém market, who, after introducing himself, asked him if he liked animals. After an affirmative answer, the conversation continued, during which he was promised shepherding work, accommodation and care. The victim accepted the offer and spent the night in his new home in Sárosd, in a wooden caravan without windows. He lived there for days and performed the tasks assigned to him, then moved to an outbuilding next to an older man. His personal documents were taken from him. In return for the work he did, he was not paid, he did not have the opportunity to clean himself, and, as he learned, his captor took the pension of his fellow resident of a similar fate. To the best of his knowledge, the perpetrator took in additional fallen people to work around the house and had them constantly working. 

Based on the information gathered during the investigation, police identified a 44-year-old man who could be linked to the crime and four other victims. Their number is expected to increase further during the criminal proceedings.

Officers from Fejér apprehended the perpetrator in the early morning of June 30, 2021 during a raid at his home in Sárosd.

During the operation, the police conducted a search of the man’s home, as well as the property that could be connected to him, and seized the material evidence and identity documents that could be related to the crime.

Investigators charged the man – while also being detained – with committing the crime of human trafficking and forced labor, and made a motion to arrest him.

Source (in Hungarian): National Police Headquarters


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