Professional forum for the child victims of trafficking in human beings

Publicated on: November 2, 2022

A professional forum organised by the Police and the University of Public Service focusing on the protection and assistance of child victims, the prevention of their victimization and the prosecution of perpetrators.

The professional meeting held on 27 October 2022 at the Police Headquarters in Teve Street was jointly organised by the Faculty of Police Sciences of the University of Public Service and the National Police Headquarters. The aim of the forum is to promote dialogue and cooperation between the police, child protection, social services, organisations of the civil society, international organisations, victim support, health and educational institutions in order to protect child victims of trafficking of human beings.

The identification and care of trafficked children is a recurring issue in national practice and in international recommendations, which requires a complex approach and interdisciplinary cooperation. The joint work, dialogue and coordination of professional tasks, raising awareness of the different disciplines will facilitate both the identification and care of child victims of trafficking.    

The current meeting focused on the analysis and evaluation of the practical experience of the general protection measure introduced in July 2020. The experts agreed that this measure is an effective tool for minors who violate the prohibition of offering sexual services, to prevent them from being exposed to further sexual exploitation and to ensure that they receive appropriate support and therapy in their child protection care.  

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