Report on “Strengthening victims' rights: from compensation to reparation,” written by Joëlle Milquet, Special Adviser to President Juncker on compensation for victims of crime welcomed by the European Commission – back in March 2019.

Publicated on: June 6, 2019

In October 2017, President Jean-Claude Juncker appointed Ms. Joëlle Milquet as his Special Adviser for compensation to victims of crime. The Special Adviser's mandate included the preparation of a report on how to improve access to compensation for victims of crime.

The report takes stock of best practices in terms of protection of victims' rights at national and EU level. It also proposes 41 recommendations on how to improve the protection of these rights, as well as victims' access to justice and compensation.

The European Commission will analyse carefully the different recommendations of the report and assess what can be done at European and national level to improve victims' access to justice and compensation.

The opinions expressed in the report are personal and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Commission or its President.

The full report and a short summary are available online here

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