Riot Police hot on the trail of traffickers – information published by the National Police Headquarters

Publicated on: March 2, 2020

A 45-year-old man from the town of Miskolc has been arrested on well-founded suspicion of trafficking in human beings and living on earnings of prostitution. In another case this year, members of a criminal group specializing in brothel prostitution will also face prosecution.

The territorial unit of the Riot Police National Bureau of Investigation has apprehended the man from Miskolc on 6 January who had been keeping under control Hungarian prostitutes working abroad. The victims were continually instructed, expected to give daily account and comply with a strict rules of conduct. The perpetrator forbade them from entertainment and spending money – he took away most of the earnings that the prostitutes brought home so as to cover the costs of his daily living. 

The investigation found that he also recruited women for prostitution in Denmark, one of whom was still a minor. In the hope of gross benefits of their sexual exploitation, he undertook to organize the journey to the destination country and provide accommodation, but the targeted victims eventually declined the offer. 

The perpetrator has already been prosecuted as a member of a trafficking OCG. His arrest by the court was ordered on 9 January.

More information on the police action and capture video is available on the police website at the following link:

In February other criminals were taken into custody by the National Bureau of Investigation. They transported Hungarian girl to Germany and Switzerland with false promises of fair working opportunity and forced them into prostitution in brothels. The local member of the gang was keeping the victims under surveillance 24 hours a day and has taken away partly or in many cases completely their income. The girls were beaten if a client complained about the services. 

The Hungarian police cooperated extensively with their German and Swiss counterparts. They found an advanced task sharing: some were in charge of travel arrangements, some others were keeping the girls under control. 

The head of the criminal organization, Imre H. and his two accomplices were arrested on February 17 in the town of Nagykanizsa and their preliminary detention has been initiated. Their fourth accomplice was apprehended later, his pre-trial detention was ordered by the court on 27 February. 

In order to confiscate the proceeds of the crime, police seized large amounts of cash, jewelry, a high-value car, and three properties were also attached. 

More information on the police action and capture video is available on the police website at the following link:


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