Stakeholder consultation on the Swiss Fund

Publicated on: April 28, 2023

2 million CHF will be available for a complex anti-trafficking programme in Hungary. Domestic experts gathered in the Ministry of Interior to discuss the concept on 24 April 2023.

Within the framework of the Swiss–Hungarian Cooperation Programme II, development programmes in 8 different thematic areas (wastewater treatment, financing of micro-enterprises, etc.) will be implemented with a total budget of 87 million CHF. The programme on combating trafficking in human beings includes a total of 9 projects of all sizes. 
Projects to prevent victimisation include nationwide campaigns, drama pedagogy sessions and the development of an interactive role-playing game. A simulation exercise will improve cooperation between members of the signalling system, while the trafficking in human beings senior supervisor officers of the county police headquarters will participate in a professional exchange programme in Switzerland. 
The majority of the funding is aimed at expanding the services available to victims. A sheltered children's home will be set up specifically for trafficked children, while a new service will be developed in a Temporary Home for Children to support those minors whose family is generally considered suitable for the upbringing. For adult victims, sheltered accommodations will receive funding to provide follow-up and aftercare services. 
The stakeholder consultation was jointly organised by the Ministry of Interior, the Prime Minister's Office as the National Coordination Unit of the Swiss Fund and the Széchenyi Programme Office. At the beginning of the event, Mr Roland Python, Head of the Swiss Fund Programme Office welcomed the large number of participants. 
After a general presentation of the development programme, the state bodies and NGOs involved in the fight against human trafficking discussed the planned projects in great detail.  The main orientations of the concept were endorsed by all experts; several suggestions were made regarding practical implementation, which will contribute to the most efficient use of the resources. 
For more information, please visit the official website of the Swiss–Hungarian Cooperation Programme.


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