The last two members of the criminal gang have been arrested

Publicated on: October 20, 2023

The last two members of a criminal gang in Kecskemét have been arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation of the Rapid Response Police (KR NNI). The pair continued to exploit women despite the fact that their relatives had already been behind bars last year.

Last year, the Anti Trafficking Unit of the KR NNI's Transnational Crime Department busted several members of a criminal gang in Kecskemét on two occasions. Four of them were arrested, while one of them voluntarily reported to the police after being wanted. The five men are suspected of having organised vulnerable Hungarian women to work as prostitutes in Germany, where they were continuously employed and exploited.

The investigation revealed that, in addition to the five men, two other family members were also members of the related group. The 49-year-old Rudolf Zs., aged 49, and Bettina A., aged 34, were arrested by the police on the afternoon of 8 October at a rest stop on the M5 motorway. They were caught as they were on their way to Kecskemét after picking up one of the girls they were exploited after she had just arrived from Germany in Budapest.

The pair had been involved in the illegal business for two years. It is suspected that they had persuaded two Hungarian women to travel to Germany and provide sexual services there. The women, aged 36 and 42, were in a vulnerable situation, both financially and socially. For this reason they volunteered for prostitution work. Rudolf Zs. and Bettina A. exploited them with this consideration.

On average, the victims earned 350.000 HUF a month, however their earnings were thousands of euros over the same period. They had to hand over the remainder to their employers when they returned home from Germany.

After their arrest, the investigators seized two high-value cars, several mobile phones and a renovated property in Kecskemét.

The 49-year-old Rudolf Zs., and Bettina A. (34), were questioned by the Anti-Trafficking Unit as suspects for the crime of trafficking in human beings and forced labour, committed with coercion, with a penalty of 5 to 15 years' imprisonment, for the purpose of harming several people, committing sexual acts, taking advantage of the victim's vulnerable situation. They were both taken into criminal custody and their arrest was initiated, which was ordered by the Kecskemét District Court.

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