Trafficker exploited his own wife

Publicated on: August 18, 2022

Budapest Chief Prosecutor's Office brought charges of trafficking in human beings against a 53-year-old man who forced his spouse into prostitution over more than ten years.

According to the indictment, the perpetrator had married the victim in 2006, when she was already working as a prostitute. The husband had no job, only lived on his wife's income. Every morning during their marriage, he drove the woman to the XVII district of Budapest, checked on her several times during the day and regularly took the money that she earned by prostitution.

On several occasions, the victim wanted to stop prostitution, but the defendant denied it and sometimes threatened and abused his wife, forcing her to continue. Sometimes he tore the victim's hair or cut her legs with a knife, but he also beat her so badly that she could not even work. He also threatened to hurt her minor child, who was the child of another man.

The woman finally gave up prostitution at the end of 2017, moved away from the defendant and she also filed for divorce in 2019. The Budapest Chief Prosecutor's Office charged the pimp with the felony of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of exploitation, committed by force and threat and seeks the imposition of executable penitentiary terms.

Press release of the Prosecution Service (in Hungarian):


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