Users of services exacted from victims face justice

Publicated on: January 30, 2023

The county chief prosecution offices indicted two individuals in two separate trafficking cases for providing remuneration in exchange for the sexual services provided by exploited minors.

A group of three is to be tried for coercing underage girls into prostitution for financial gain in the 4th and 9th District of Budapest. To this end, they threatened and abused their victims, even blackmailing one of them of posting a compromising video on the internet. One of the victims in the case was only 12 years old, but two of the accused were also minors at the time of perpetration. 

The Chief Prosecution Office of the Capital City Budapest also brought charges against one of the clients, who was demonstrably aware of the age of the minor who had provided sexual services to him on several occasions. In his case, the demand side of the felony of exploitation of child prostitution forms the basis of the proceedings, which is punishable from two to eight years of imprisonment under the stricter rules of the Criminal Code adopted in 2020. 

The client of a vulnerable prostitute was also brought to justice together with the pimp in another case in Somogy county. One of the accused regularly abused verbally and physically his girlfriend, who used to live in a foster home, sent her begging and handed her over to his acquaintance to have casual sex for money. In December 2022, the Regional Court of Kaposvár imposed on them executable penitentiary terms of six and three years respectively; the case is still ongoing, since the Appellate Chief Prosecution Office of Pécs has appealed for further aggravating the sentences as well as for different qualification of the criminal acts committed by the pimp.

The related press releases of the Prosecution Service are available here (in Hungarian):


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