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June 5, 2023 12:47 PM

Global police operation against trafficking

Hungarian authorities also participated in the week-long operation coordinated by Europol, Frontex and Interpol; 1 426 people were identified as victims of trafficking, opening 244 new investigations.

June 1, 2023 1:34 PM

Indictment for multiple counts of human trafficking and forced labour

The Chief Prosecution Office of Fejér County has charged a man with multiple counts of human trafficking and forced labour. The perpetrator forced six victims to work, partly by deception, partly by taking advantage of their vulnerable situation, and took their income.

May 16, 2023 12:18 PM

Three years of the child protection measure

At the Annual Meeting of Child Protection Professionals, the experiences related to the placement of trafficked minors and the possibilities for further development of the system were evaluated on 12 May 2023.

May 3, 2023 1:22 PM

Strengthening action against trafficking in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county

Stakeholders in the region involved in prevention and victim assistance gathered to discuss the current issues on 27 April 2023.

April 28, 2023 12:59 PM

Anti-trafficking meeting held in Brussels

The EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator and the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union hosted the meeting of the Network of National Rapporteurs and Equivalent Mechanisms on trafficking in human beings (NREM) on 25-26 April 2023 in Brussels. The meeting addressed the external international dimension of trafficking in human beings.

April 28, 2023 12:16 PM

Stakeholder consultation on the Swiss Fund

2 million CHF will be available for a complex anti-trafficking programme in Hungary. Domestic experts gathered in the Ministry of Interior to discuss the concept on 24 April 2023.

April 3, 2023 2:33 PM

Conference on the regulation of prostitution

At the event organized by the Swedish Presidency of the European Union on 29-30 March, speakers argued for the application of the so-called Nordic model. It has been concluded that the legislation relating to sexual services can have a major impact on the trends of human trafficking.

March 29, 2023 5:38 PM

Anti-trafficking workshop at the Ministry of Interior

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), co-organized with the Ministry of Interior, hosted a one-day workshop on combating trafficking in human beings on 28 March 2023 at the Ministry of Interior.

March 29, 2023 9:18 AM

Two anti-trafficking projects ended

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) Hungary office held a closing event on 23 March 2023, as regards of their Complex Return and Reintegration programme and the „Don’t let it happen, don’t make it happen” anti-trafficking campaign.

February 28, 2023 3:52 PM

International delegation work visit in Hungary

For the third time, the Council of Europe's Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) will pay an assessment visit to Hungary between 27 February and 3 March. The delegation aims to evaluate the implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings.